The redesigned Eve Room with an E-Ink display is now available for pre-order

Elgato's first product under its new name

Redesigned Eve Room available for pre-order
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The original Eve Room wasn't too much to look at, but it wasn't supposed to be looked at. It was a small white box that sat in a room and would send temperature, humidity and air quality to your smartphone.

The second generation Eve Room, which was announced back at CES 2018, definitely wants to be looked at, as it comes with a redesigned aluminum body and a high-contrast 1.54-inch E-Ink display. That display will tell you, again, the temperature, humidity and air quality, but you won't need to turn to your smartphone anymore.

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There are four different display layouts to choose from, and you can switch between them via touch panels on either side of the screen. The new Eve Room has also done away with replaceable batteries in favor of a rechargeable one.

If you do want to keep it mobile, just know that if the battery gets too low the device will limit readings until its charge is back up. But you can also keep it plugged in if you don't want to worry about that stuff.

The Eve Room 2 is also fully HomeKit compatible, so you can check in on it via the Home app or ask Siri how your air quality is doing. Of course, you can also use the companion app to check on your air quality trends over time.

The second-gen Eve Room is actually Elgato's first product under its new name: Eve Systems. Seeing as how most of Elgato's smart home products are named Eve, this makes a good deal of sense.

You can pre-order the Eve Room 2 at the Eve Online Store and Amazon for $99.95. It ships starting 12 September.

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