Fibaro smart devices will now work with Samsung SmartThings

Fibaro's Z-Wave devices can now chat to Samsung's hub

Fibaro now works with SmartThings
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Fibaro makes a bunch of different smart home devices, and now those devices will work with Samsung's SmartThings platform, the company has announced.

Samsung's SmartThings is an incredibly popular smart home hub, and one of the reasons for that is that its wide range of compatibility with other brands. Fibaro uses Z-Wave for its devices, but until now you had to use a complex workaround to get them talking to Samsung's. No longer is that the case.

As of right now, the following Fibaro products will work with the Samsung SmartThings Hub in the US:

  • Fibaro Motion Sensor
  • Fibaro Door/Window Sensor & Door/Window Sensor 2
  • Fibaro Dimmer 2
  • Fibaro Single Switch & Double Switch
  • Fibaro Wall Plug
  • Fibaro Flood Sensor

If you're in Europe, you can add the Fibaro Wall Plug, CO Sensor and the Fibaro Smoke Sensor to that list. The company says more devices will get support throughout 2019.

Setting them up with SmartThings is pretty straightforward - you just add them in the app as you would any other device. Check out our Samsung SmartThings manual for more.

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