Amazon's latest Fire TV Stick is super cheap but super snappy

And the Fire TV Stick Lite is even cheaper

Amazon's latest Fire TV Stick is out
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The next-gen Amazon Fire TV Stick has just gone live at the big Amazon hardware event and, as you'd expect, the tech giant has managed to make it fitter, happier and more productive; while at the same time keeping the price at what you'd hopefully call 'affordable', if not 'budget'.

But, aha, there is also the new Fire TV Stick Lite, which could well get a 'budget' moniker as it undercuts its $40 big brother by $10.

Let's start with the main event though and the 2020 Fire TV Stick picks up where its mid-2019 predecessor by adding Dolby Atmos to the mix and also offering 1080p HD streaming at 60fps.

There's no 4K action here - you'll need the pricier Fire TV Stick 4K for that; that device wasn't refreshed in the great Amazon September showcase, by the way.

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What you will get though is those Full HD visuals with HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+ and HLG, 5GHz Wi-Fi and a device that is 50% less power hungry than the previous generation Fire TV Stick.

Of course, you'll get an Alexa Voice Remote in the box too, with its with dedicated power, volume, and mute buttons for easy control of TVs, soundbars, and A/V receivers. And, of course, voice controls for all of your smart home devices.

The Fire TV Stick Lite - which is 50% more powerful than the 2019 Stick - has a quad-core processor like the non-Lite flavor, as well as the 1080p HDR visuals, but goes without Dolby Atmos.

the new Amazon Alexa Remote Lite

It also has a Lite version of the Alexa Remote, which has a few less buttons but still offers Alexa voice controls.

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The new Fire TV Sticks will be the showcase for the revamped Fire TV UI.

Amazon's latest Fire TV UI for 2020

"Fire TV’s most significant experience update is redesigned to offer a more intuitive, simple, and customized experience," says Amazon.

"A brand-new Find experience makes it easier than ever to discover great movies, TV shows, and more, with browsing capabilities that allow for broad and specific searches based on genre, helpful categories, and more."

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The new Fire TV also has a dedicated 'Alexa Explore' page, where you'll be able to see and control compatible connected smart devices in your home.

The new Fire TV Stick duo are up for pre-order now and will start shipping at the end of September, which is good news as we've got nearly a month to wait for the new Amazon Echo speaker to land.

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