Flic smart home buttons can now trigger Alexa Routines

Filling the gap left behind by the Echo Buttons

Flic can now trigger Alexa Routines
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Flic smart home buttons can now be used to trigger Alexa Routines, filling a huge void that was left behind when Amazon discontinued the Echo Buttons.

Just as per you would for using Echo Buttons to start Alexa Routines, you can now add Flic buttons as smart home devices within the Alexa app, and build automations based off of the back of a click.

In the video example (below) Flic has used, it uses a simple time-telling Routine from a connected Alexa smart speaker, but the Routine can be as complex as you wish.

Guide: Building great Alexa smart home Routines

You can you add multiple actions to a single Alexa Routine so, for example, you could create a morning routine that, after a click on Flic button, reads the news from a bedside Echo Show, tells you what's in your calendar, turns the smart security system off and switches on a smart plug in the kitchen to get the coffee machine fired into action.

The good news is that it isn't just the latest-gen Flic 2 buttons that get a pass to the Alexa party; the original buttons will work as triggers too.

And, the Flic trigger is actually better than what you get with the Echo Buttons as there's scope for double tapping and holding; you just need to add Alexa as an action on each trigger in the Flic app.

We were already big Flic users here at The Ambient and the new Routine triggering is a huge boost for what is already one of the best smart home buttons you can buy.

In fact, it's now the only smart button on sale that can trigger Alexa Routines, given that Amazon canned the bulky Buttons last year.

We're told the update is rolling out to different regions right now - here's a guide to getting it all up and running.

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