​Now Google Assistant can match your voice to your Netflix profile

How to pair Google Assistant and Netflix

Google can match your voice to your Netflix
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Netflix and Google have been working hard on their voice control partnership, and it’s good news for those who run multiple Netflix profiles in their home.

While you’ve been able to control Netflix using Google Assistant for a while now, the voice service is now capable of working out who’s in control, and logging into the relevant profile.

Now that’s pretty damned cool, but it left us thinking – how do you use Google Assistant to control Netflix anyway? Because we want in. Well, we did a little digging and to find out exactly what you need.

First, you need to be using Netflix on a TV with a Chromecast either built-in or using the HDMI dongle and have a Google Home speaker. In the Google Home settings, you need to go and link up your Netflix account in the settings. Once that’s done, you can ask Google Home to play your choice of content and you can, well, Netflix and chill…so to speak.

To get Google Assistant recognising your voice, you'll need to set up Voice Match. Head to the Google Home app, tap devices and choose Get personal results with Voice Match. You'll then need to define and link each music and video service to your voice matched profile. You can get a full guide here.

Voice assistants are slowly making their ways to TVs, which are crying out to be uncoupled from their remote control masters. Just think how many remotes you have in your house, how they get lost, and the sheer amount of buttons.

Android TV was certainly a focus at CES 2017 with Google Assistant obviously playing a huge part of that, and Sony has been rolling Assistant out to its existing sets. All the signs are that it won't be long until you can control far more than Netflix with your voice.

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