'Hey Google, launch Call of Duty': Xbox One gets another voice assistant

Google joins Alexa on Xbox One as Cortana gets muscled out

Google Assistant comes to Xbox One
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Gamers rejoice, you can now control your Xbox One console with Google Assistant. Yes, we know you've been missing that baked-in Cortana control now that Microsoft has pulled back on its own AI, and you'll need to use a Google Assistant device or smartphone to control the console with voice. But if Alexa integration is anything to go by, it'll totally be worth it.

Similar to Alexa, with Google Assistant control you'll be able to launch games, turn the console on and off, launch YouTube, pause and resume content, control the volume and even take a screenshot - all handsfree.

This brings the all-in-one streaming and gaming device another step closer to becoming a full on smart home hub.

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To get set up you'll need to join a public Beta program, for now. Head to the Xbox for Google Assistant Beta Google group, then launch your Google Home app on iOS and Android and set up a new device to connect to your Xbox. For a full instructions, head to our guide to how to control your Xbox One with Google Assistant.

Here's a list of some of the actions you can try once you're all connected:

“Hey Google, play Fortnite on Xbox.”
"Hey Google, turn on Xbox.”
"Hey Google, turn off Xbox.”
“Hey Google, launch YouTube on Xbox.”
"Hey Google, pause on Xbox."
"Hey Google, resume on Xbox."
"Hey Google, volume up on Xbox.”
“Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox.”

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