Apple Music landing on Google Home smart speakers

Google's own iPhone app spills the beans

Apple Music landing on Google Home
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Apple Music seems set to land on Google Home smart speakers any day now - with the option to choose Cupertino's streaming service showing up on the iOS Google Home app, alongside the likes of Spotify, Deezer and Pandora.

The option popped up following an update to the iOS Google Home app that went live earlier this week - we can confirm it's showing up in both the US and the UK version of the iPhone app.

To see the option to add Apple Music, tap the Add icon from the app's home screen, then choose 'Music and audio' and you'll see it listed. However, if you tap it, it does nothing at present... usually you'd get the option to sign in to your account as you would with the other services listed.

Apple Music landing on Google Home smart speakers

Therefore, Google is either testing things behind the scenes and has accidentally left it there in the updated app appearing in the App Store; or the search giant just needs to flick a switch in the background to get it officially live. We obviously hope it's the latter.

The support should mean that Apple Music subscribers will no longer have to connect to a Google Home speaker using Bluetooth just to play their tunes, with the Assistant soon able to hook up to a user's library without the help of a tethered device.

It'd be a similar move to what happened when Apple Music on Echo speakers went live at the end of last year, with Alexa able to take on the role of a virtual Apple Music DJ.

We'll keep you posted...

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