Home Max is Google’s high-end speaker to take on Apple's HomePod

20 times more powerful sound, so says Google

Google Home Max is a HomePod rival

Having just unleashed the smaller Google Home Mini, the big G has confirmed it will launch a speaker that sits the other side of the standard Google Home - Google Home Max.

Max is, as you'd expect, a much higher-end speaker that's built for music listening. Music is one of the biggest reasons people use smart home speakers, but the sound quality on Home isn't… great.

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Home Max changes that with two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers and sound that Google says is "20 times more powerful" than Google Home. It promises we can take this thing loud, real loud.

Google also has a feature called Smart Sound, which makes Max adjust its sound to the room's acoustics, so if it's placed near a wall, it'll take that into account. Move it a few inches? It should know. It's the same thing Apple's HomePod will be able to do when it arrives later this year.

In fact, Home Max is going up against some heated competition, which includes the new Sonos One smart speaker and Amazon's bassier new Echo.

Google's not killing the auxiliary port just yet - there's one on the Home Max - but of course you'll also have a Bluetooth connection. You can choose to place it vertically or horizontally too.

We got to hear Max in a short demo, where Google confirmed you can connect multiple Google Home speakers - Mini, regular and Max - together for a mesh network around the house. What was most impressive was how good the sound was when pushed up to the highest volume, something the normal Google Home pod struggles with.

Home Max is available for $399, but only in the US. Google says it will roll it out to other territories in 2018. The speaker comes in chalk and charcoal colour varieties, and packed in with a year's subscription to YouTube Red.

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