Google Home Mini now comes in aqua blue to soothe your soul

Minty color is the first new addition to the Mini family

Google Home Mini gets new aqua color
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We expect to see some new Google Home speakers at the company’s big 9 October event, but it’s getting things rolling early by announcing a new Aqua Google Home Mini.

No relation to the Danish-Norwegian Europop sensation, the new Aqua Home Mini is just a color change - no new features - which Google says was designed to be "soothing and fresh".

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"Consumers want their technology to fit into their home instead of being a blinking black eyesore," said Google. While we'd like to point out that there's a black Home Mini, Google does describe that one as "charcoal", so we'll let it off on a technicality.

The company adds: "Whereas the aesthetic goal behind original colors was to easily blend onto your home, the Aqua Mini allows you to add some bright contrast to your decor and lighten up the space."

Here's another look at it. Check out that minty blue hue. Cor.

Google Home Mini now comes in aqua blue to soothe your soul

The timing of the announcement makes it highly unlikely we’ll see a refreshed Google Home Mini next week, but we do anticipate the arrival of Google’s screen-toting Home Hub. An update to the regular Google Home speaker isn’t outside the realm of possibility either.

The new Aqua Home Mini will be available for the same $49 as the other colors, and will be available starting 29 October.

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