What we expect to see at Google's October event, and what we don't

New Google Nest devices are surely coming...

Google's hardware event: What to expect
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We're just days away from Amazon's big Alexa event and Google has announced its own hardware showcase, which will take place 15 October.

There's sure to be devices galore, some of which will revolve around the smart home, and in Google's case we're expecting a rebrand across the entire range, now that Nest and Google have merged into one brand.

So, once again, let's speculate on what we might see announced on 15 October in New York.

Things that are likely

Google Nest Mini

A Google Home Mini refresh feels like a no-brainer, but expect it to come brandishing the Nest name. An FCC sketch filing from this year shows a revised version of the diminutive speaker, while a report from 9to5google claims the next-gen device will have a wall mount, auxiliary jack, and improved sound quality.

It's about time the Home Mini got an update, and we wouldn't at all be surprised to see it take the Nest name, so as to give consistency across Google's family of smart home devices.

A refreshed Google Home

While there have so far been no leaks around this one, it's high time the flagship Google Home speaker got a facelift. Just give it a few new colors and tweak the speakers – we're not asking for much.

But the OG Google Home is looking rather long in the tooth next to the latest Amazon Echo, and October would be the perfect time to give it a refresh.

New Android TV moves

Rumor has it that Google has big plans in the TV space, and this event would be a good time to start laying them out. According to a report, Google is planning a "hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX [user-interface]."

What that "hero" device is, we don't know, but it's likely we'll get some Android TV chat at the October event.

Stadia support headed to Android TV

Even more likely to make an appearance is Stadia, Google's upcoming cloud gaming service. According to the same report mentioned above, Stadia support will come to Android TV in 2020 with the arrival of Android 11 R.

We hope this doesn't mean Android TV users will have to wait that long – and we hope to learn more in a few weeks' time.

Aligning the Nest name across its devices

The convergence of Google and Nest began a process of rebranding Google's smart home devices, starting with the Google Nest Hub. It looks highly likely that the new Nest Mini is getting the same treatment, but we don't expect it will end there.

Google loves a bit of defragmentation, but we expect it will soon badge all of its smart speakers with the Nest name, regardless of whether they get a hardware update.

Things that are less likely

A new Google Nest Hub

Google just rebranded the Nest Hub and also launched the Nest Hub Max, its larger sibling – and for those reasons we don't expect any new Smart Displays from the company in October. More third-party Smart Speakers are a possibility: Google's onto a good thing there, and, other than the Lenovo's Smart Display 7, we haven't had any recent additions to get excited about.

Chromecast Audio returns

We want it. We want it bad. But we just can't see Google resurrecting the Chromecast Audio any time soon. The Chromecast Audio was an affordable way to turn any speaker with an auxiliary jack into a Wi-Fi speaker, but it was discontinued at the start of this year. We'll keep praying to the Chromecast gods, but we're not holding out for a miracle this October.

The dice roll...

A new Nest Thermostat

There's been no indication either way, but it would be a perfect time to launch a new Nest Thermostat. Not only because the third-generation model is now three years old, but it's the perfect device to spearhead a refreshed lineup all carrying the Nest name.

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