Google Nest Hubs take on Sonos for multi-room audio control

New multi-room audio control from Nest makes streaming more seamless

Google Nest Hub multi-room audio
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Multi-room audio using Google Assistant and Nest Home speakers has always been a bit of a faff - but all that is set to change, if you have an Assistant-enabled Smart Display, that is.

Google Assistant Smart Displays, including native ones like the Nest Hub or third party efforts from the likes of Lenovo or JBL, are being updated to include multi-room audio control screens.

Much like you'd see in the Sonos S2 app, or on dedicated displays from the likes of Control 4, users will be able to group Google Assistant smart speakers together, add new ones in, choose the music and control the volume for music streaming in whatever rooms they have devices set up in.

It's not limited to just Google's own music streaming platform too, you'll be able to control multi-room music playback from the likes of Spotify and Pandora as well.

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Any Google Home speaker will work with multi-room, as will most of the speakers with Google Assistant built in. All Chromecast Audio speakers or speakers with Chromecast built-in will also work together in a multi-room audio setup. Even better, Chromecast dongles can also now be added into speaker groupings.

This new multi-room control interface should be landing on all Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max and other compatible Assistant-enabled Smart Displays now and we're informed that the same functionality will be added to the Google Home app in the coming months.

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