Google Nest Mini could hang on your wall, with better sound and sensors

Details surrounding the Home Mini follow-up are slowly emerging

Google Nest Mini FCC filing spotted
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Recent reports suggested an alleged Google Nest Mini smart speaker would be mountable on walls - now that appears to be confirmed, after a sketch in an FCC filing was spotted.

The image, spotted by 9to5Google, gives further credence to rumors that Google is planning to introduce a refresh of its Home Mini speaker, which will take on the new name of Nest Mini.

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It essentially confirms that the new model of the speaker will have the option of wall-mounting, with the drawing showing off what appears to be a standard hook. There are also two cutouts in the speaker's body, one for a power source and the other, presumably, for a 3.5mm audio port.

What's not clear is whether this will be used for audio input, output, or both. The Amazon Echo Dot has a 3.5mm jack, and it can do both.

Indications are that the new speaker will be a substantial upgrade. That's hardly a surprise, as the current Google Home Mini is nearly two years old. According to the report, the Nest Mini will offer better sound, with a higher maximum volume and improved bass.

A final new feature is described as a "proximity sensor," which will let the Nest Mini display the current volume when you approach it, presumably using onboard lights. Again, this is a bit vague.

The least surprising thing here is the name change, as Google brings all of its smart home devices under the Nest brand. That started this year with the Google Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub) and the upcoming Next Hub Max. Catch up on all of that in our full guide to Google Nest.

Google's expected to roll out new products this fall, so it's likely we'll see this new Nest Mini show up sooner rather than later.

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