New Nest Wifi router incoming with built-in Google Assistant

The hardware should be launched at Google's big event in October

New Nest Wifi builds in Google Assistant
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Google is planning a new version of its mesh router - Nest Wifi – which will act as a smart speaker with Assistant built-in.

A report from 9to5Google says that the mesh Wi-Fi system will feature beacon extenders that each pack a Google Assistant smart speaker, meaning that you could extend and strengthen your Wi-Fi network and put smart features around your home without any extra hardware.

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The addition of Google Assistant, and the change to Nest branding, seem to be the major changes planned for Google Wifi, but it also sounds like we'll be getting two more color options.

That's a welcome tweak, as not everyone is completely sold on a clean, white look. Is one of those new colors guaranteed to be black? Who can say.

The report describes Nest Wifi as having a central router with smaller beacons which connect to it, much like Eero's competitor system.

Apparently the central router will be just that, a router alone, while the beacons will pack Google Assistant functionality.

The beacons will perform in exactly the same manner, and to the same standards, as the Home Mini.

There are rumors of a next-generation version of the Nest Mini, so it's clear that Google has big plans for its Nest family of products.

The newer products will be able to work with any existing Google hardware you've got, but voice control is the real value here.

Not many Mesh systems can boast that, and certainly not at a reasonable price-point, so we're keen to get our hands on the new generation of Google Wifi and test it out.

We'll be at Google's big event on 14 October, and will be on hand to give all the details when Google presents its new hardware.

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