Google to bring Stadia to Android TVs as it hints at new TV hardware

Could Google finally be making an Android TV?

Stadia is coming to Android TV in 2020
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Google may have big plans for Android TV, if slides leaked from the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam this week are to be trusted.

According to a source who sent the slides to XDA Developers, Google's presentation at the TV industry event showcased its roadmap for Android TV through 2021.

Amongst all the industry-speak two lines jumped out: Stadia integration for Android TVs with the release of Android 11 R in 2020 (Stadia is Google's cross-platform, low-latency cloud gaming service), and a "Hero device advancing next-gen smart home UX [user-interface]."

Android Central parses this juicy morsel as a potential Google-made Android TV box, or perhaps the long-awaited hardware refresh of the Nvidia Shield streaming box, still one of the best all-in-one streaming/gaming boxes available.

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Android TV is Google's smart TV software. TVs running the software have built in Google Cast, Google Assistant voice control, and access to apps, movies, and music via the Google Play store.

Currently, you can find Android TV on models from Sony, Sharp, Philips, and Hisense, or you an add Android TV to your existing box with an Nvidia Shield. However, Google itself has been very quiet when it comes to Android TV devices, not releasing any supporting hardware since it discontinued the Nexus Player in 2016.

With a big hardware event right around the corner for Google, and all the recent strides the company has made in the smart home, a Google-powered TV does make a lot of sense, after all the TV is the largest smart display in a home. Watch this space.

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