Gordon Ramsey Alexa skill is set to insult your dinner

What's that?!

Gordon Ramsey Alexa app insults your dinner

Hot off the heels of his appearance in the Amazon Super Bowl TV commercial, Gordon Ramsey now has his own Alexa skill.

However, those thinking of a Jamie Oliver-style recipe app have over-estimated everyone’s favourite foul-mouthed TV chef.

In his new skill, Ramsey will use his special insights to insult whatever you cook. You can ask him to summon up a pithy insult on-demand with a simple “Alexa, ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks about my food.” You can even throw in specific dishes, just by inserting the relevant concoction.

We’ve rounded up the best Amazon Alexa skills and skills that make use of the Echo Show’s screen – and we’re not sure that this will make the list. However, perhaps that’s just us being a little po-faced. Echo has become such a success because of the funny things you can ask Alexa, so we’re sure this will go down a storm, too.

If you want to enable your own personal Kitchen Nightmare, just say “Alexa, enable Gordon Ramsey.”

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