Grab a free Google Home Mini with your Spotify subscription

Premium subscribers can get themselves a smart speaker in time for Christmas

Free Google Home Mini with Spotify
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Back in October, Spotify offered up a limited time deal for Premium users to grab a free Google Home Mini. And the good news is that, in time for Christmas, the deal is live once again.

Both Premium Individual and Premium Family master account subscribers can register for their free smart speaker. If you recently cancelled your Spotify Premium, you still might qualify too... if you sign back up.

This deal is for the previous-gen Mini, i.e. the last Home branded Mini; the latest petit smart speaker from Google is the Nest Mini, which went on sale last month.

Music remains the number one reason people are using smart speakers, and there's benefit for both Spotify and Google here: Spotify gets more subscribers and Google gets more people using services like YouTube Music Premium and, more importantly, gets more of its speakers into people's homes.

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It's also important for Spotify to keep its foothold in the smart speaker era, where these companies are able to push users to their own music services. Spotify doesn't have any of its own smart speakers, so it's in its best interests to integrate with hardware makers as much as it can.

By virtue of their price, the Echo Dot and Google's Minis are two of the best-selling smart speakers right now. For Amazon and Google, getting these in homes means users have something to build an ecosystem around - the hope being they'll spend more money on Alexa or Google Assistant-powered gadgets.

To get your free Spotify speaker, follow the links in this post from the streaming giant. You'll also find details on checking whether, as an ex-Premium user, you can nab a free Mini too.

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