​You can now group Chromecast and Google Home speakers

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Chromecast updated for Google Home grouping
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Google has updated Chromecast to play nicely with its Google Home devices, enabling users to add it into speaker groups.

You’ll be able to queue up songs and playlists via your Chromecast, and have it play across your smart speaker group – bringing the party to more devices than ever before. Yeah it’s a bit niche, but it’s great to have a bit of choice about how you drop tunes in your house.

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Previously you could create groups of Google Home, Chromecast Audio and Google Cast speakers. However, now you’ll be able to add Chromecast into the mix. And XDA Developers is reporting all versions of Chromecast are supported, which is good news for owners of the first gen dongle.

And users won’t have long to wait. While it was spotted by XDA Developers last week, it’s already rolling out to Google Home users.

If you want to get involved, go to the Google Home app and opt into the preview program.

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