​Hive turns up the heat with connected radiator valves for zone control

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​Hive adds connected radiator valves
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Hive has released radiator values, offering customers the chance to make their connected thermostats even smarter.

Only really available on Tado and Honeywell systems, Hive Radiator Valves enable you to create a zoned set up – regulating temperature in individual rooms, so you’re not heating areas of your home unnecessarily.

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Until now, your Hive system would heat rooms to the temperature of the main thermostat, which is located in the main unit. To add extra zones, you previously needed to add more full Hive Active Heating units – which is costly.

When you use the radiator valves you can select the temperature of a room through the app – which means you don’t need to have bedrooms heated in the day, for example. You can also just adjust the temperature by twisting the valve itself – just like you would a dumb old analogue valve.

The Hive Radiator Valves are available now and can be self-fitted by unscrewing your current valve and adding these instead. They’re available at £54 per valve and you can pick up packs of 3 for £139 and 5 for £199.

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