H&M built a Google Assistant powered personal stylist for your home

Get H&M Home styling tips with this new voice app

H&M's personal stylist talks to you
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Does my couch look big in this? H&M's new Google Assistant powered voice app, H&M Home Stylist, wants to give you personal styling tips, product recommendations, mood boards and inspiration for your home.

There's no AI voice chats about fashion just yet, H&M is trialling the tech on its H&M Home ranges but has said its long term goal is to use Google's voice tech across the business.

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And there's no mention of Google Home smart speakers, just that the voice stylist will take the form of a smartphone app with an "exclusive human voice" to make it feel more personal. H&M also says the Home Stylist will be able to help you with ideas and suggestions for every room of the house and that it will be available in "selected markets" soon.

The idea is similar to what we've seen from Amazon's Echo Look, its voice controlled camera and style assistant that focuses on fashion. And with what looks to be an eye on style and images, any products or photoshoots displayed on the smartphone screen could at some point work via Google Assistant powered smart displays, due this summer.

H&M is also experimenting with augmented reality via its Monki brand. It's working with HoloMe to let customers view H&M garments as 3D holograms when they're online shopping at home - just nine outfits to start with.

“The two cases we are testing are illustrations of cutting edge technology in our field. We are really excited and proud to soon release our first voice stylist for H&M Home and to be able to explore a world with a unique Hologram/Augmented Reality experience for the Monki customer," said Elin Frendberg, head of business development at H&M Group.

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