Google Home Hub features now landing on Assistant Smart Displays

Lenovo confirms it is rolling out an update with a whole host of Hub goodies

Home Hub features land on  Smart Displays
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Google sucker-punched its manufacturing buddies at its big Pixel event last month when it took the covers off of the Home Hub - the Pixel of the Smart Display crowd, if you will.

Partners such as Lenovo and JBL needn't have been too miffed that Google wanted a slice of that particular pie, though; as the search giant also revealed that Home Hub features would arrive on third-party offerings too. Although we weren't told exactly when.

But now we know. It's, er, now - Lenovo has revealed that its Smart Display will be getting in on the Home Hub action, with a software update already beginning to roll out earlier this week, and continuing over the next few weeks.

This software version (3.63.43, if you care) adds in a plethora of visual Assistant goodies including;

- Multi-room audio - with the Display able to join speaker groups.

- Live Albums from Google Photos with Ambient Mode displaying your best snaps.

- Nest Hello Doorbell footage as soon as someone rings the bell.

- Home View, so you can see and control all of your smart home devices on Google's new dashboard.

There's also extra controls for a variety of home entertainment devices now on offer with the likes of Hisense, Philips, Sharp, Sony, Vizio, Xiaomi, Dish and Foxtel all playing ball.

You can't force the update, so you'll just have to wait your turn.

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