Eero teams up with Apple HomeKit for home security smarts

HomeKit compatibility added for Eero, Eero Pro, and Eero Beacon devices

Eero adds HomeKit for security smarts
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Eero, the Wi-Fi mesh specialist owned by Amazon, has added HomeKit compatibility to its range, with big promises that will improve your overall smart home security.

The thinking is that, as you add smart home devices to your home Wi-Fi network, you give these devices the chance to exploit vulnerabilities with "unrestricted access".

"Many of the connected devices we have in our homes, like light bulbs, thermostats, plugs, and door locks, only need access to a limited set of internet services in order to function," reads the press blurb.

"However, once you add a device to your home network, the device can access any other device in your home, as well as any website or service on the internet, without your permission or knowledge."

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That is somewhat true and you should, of course, take extra security steps with your router and home networking devices to make sure you don't leave yourself open to cyber baddies.

However, the HomeKit integration with Eero simply means that you can manage what your HomeKit-enabled accessories are allowed to do, with three levels of permissions...

  • Automatic: allows an accessory to communicate to the devices and services approved by its manufacturer, preventing access by unauthorized services.

  • Restrict to Home: allows an accessory to communicate only to HomeKit on your Apple devices. You will be able to manage your accessories through the Home app, but this may reduce some functionality, such as firmware updates.
  • No restrictions: allows an accessory to communicate with every device in your home, and any website or service on the internet, much like other devices on your home network.

The thing is, HomeKit stuff is already pretty secure - Apple is a lot stricter than its big tech rivals when it comes to letting brands make their connected devices compatible with its smart home platform. Until 2017, it even demanded that brands install a physical custom chip – an encryption processor – into their products.

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple changed the process. Rather than a chip, device makers could certify their products using a HomeKit software tool. According to many companies we’ve spoken to though, the current HomeKit certification program is still much more stringent than either Amazon or Google’s.

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So, while it's nice that Eero is making its mesh devices more user friendly for iOS users, we wouldn't get too worried about your system being open to attack if you're using Apple Home as the base anyway.

To add HomeKit to your Eero kit, just fire up the Eero app and tap on the Discover tab to get started. HomeKit is available for Eero, Eero Pro, and Eero Beacon devices running eeroOS 3.18.0 or later.

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