​Honeywell's Alexa speaker and security system mash-up wants to protect your pad

An Alexa speaker, camera and security system combined

Honeywell's Alexa security system
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If you’re getting your smart home game in check, you’re probably learning about the sheer amount of devices required. Thermostats, camera, alarms – it all mounts up.

That’s why Honeywell has come out with, what’s essentially, a 3-in-1 system that combines an Alexa smart speaker with a home camera and smart security hub, which can be expanded with a range of sensors – and we were treated to a demonstration at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

The Honeywell Smart Home Security System is a 1080p security camera and Alexa speaker all-in-one, which makes for a natural combination in your home. It acts just like an Echo, but there’s a lens with a 145-degree viewing angle and recordings will be saved for 24 hours in the cloud, all accessible for free. In other words, all the makings of a good smart home camera.

But there’s more. Unlike standard cameras from the likes of Canary or Netatmo, you can add sensors into the mix as well. There are door and window sensors as well as IR motion detectors, which work via body heat so they can’t be fooled in the dark, and a keyfob like you’d find on traditional alarm systems, which will activate the siren (built into the speaker) if not pressed after you trip the sensors.

Honeywell launches Alexa speaker and security system all-in-one

There’s also some pretty neat new features inbound, too. Facial recognition was demonstrated to us in the back-end, although it’s not yet implemented into the system. We were told that this will primarily be used to tell users that certain members of the family have arrived home, rather than as purely an intruder detecting service. However, facial recognition will help cut down the number of false positives and notifications, which can overwhelm users into turning off useful features.

It’s a pretty good smart home system, which users will be able to build up over time – rather than have to commit to decking out their entire home with sensors. What’s more, by adding Alexa (with The Ambient informed that Google Assistant is incoming) it’s useful right out of the box.

The Honeywell system also packs a Z-Wave radio built in, which means that you can connect devices such as August smart locks, Yale locks, Bosch appliances and tech from the other 700+ members supporting the technology.

In an odd move, Honeywell has launched the Smart Home Security System via Indiegogo for reasons that were explained, yet still bemusing. But there you can pick up a kit $375 bags you the smart speaker/camera combo, two door sensors and a keyfob. $449 gets you the same with an indoor motion sensor. Delivery is set for April 2018.

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