Huawei's AI Cube smart speaker isn't a cube, but it does double as a 4G router

Forget everything you thought you knew about shapes

Huawei's AI Cube is not a cube
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Huawei does not abide by the conventional rules of geometry. The company has just unveiled a new smart speaker named the Huawei AI Cube, but here's the thing: It's actually a cylinder. And there's nothing you can do about it.

In fact, the AI Cube looks like a slightly taller Google Home. Huawei's new speaker is an Alexa-packing, 4G smart speaker that doesn't play by "the rules". Yup, 4G; this thing doubles up as an LTE modem/router, with a SIM card slot, and Huawei claims you'll get data download speeds of 300Mbps.

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The 15-watt speaker promises good sound quality too, with four far-field mics for Alexa to hear you. Of course this means you'll have access to Amazon's assistant and all of its skills, although it's unclear to what extent Huawei is pouring in any of its own "AI" tech. It does say it's using its Histen audio tech to help balance the sound.

A smart speaker that doubles as a 4G hotspot is an intriguing idea, we'll admit. Don't want fixed-line broadband? This could be your answer. Just remember you'll still have to plug it into the mains.

Huawei says Europe will get the AI Cube in time for the holidays, but so far there's no word on a US release date.

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