Philips Hue now shines brighter than ever thanks to new A21 bulb

New bulb launches alongside new Bluetooth Lightstrip Plus and updated Bloom

Philips Hue now shines brighter than ever
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The brightest ever Philips Hue bulb - the Philips Hue White A21 bulb - has just gone live, offering you a 100W equivalent for less than $20.

There's no fancy colors on offer from the bigger sized A21 bulb (A67 E27 in the UK), it's just white - but that white is 1600 lumen, a jump up from 800 lumens on the regular Hue white ambience bulb.

Signify, the company behind Hue, state that the new smart light bulb is therefore well suited to areas like kitchens and garages where a regular dimmable LED isn't up to the job. Obviously you don't need to have it set super bright all the time, you can dim it right down too, to set a more ambient mood.

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Launching alongside the new white bulb is a Bluetooth-enabled Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus. Like its predecessors, you can cut the Lightstrip to size but the good news is you can now re-attach unused bits, or combine them with others using adapters.

You can add up to eight Hue Bluetooth-enabled extensions, as well - so a maximum length of 16m, based on a device measuring 2m.

Philips Hue now shines brighter than ever thanks to new A21 bulb

The final piece of the Hue launch trio is an updated for 2020 Bloom lamp; which boasts richer colors, improved white light (500 lumens) and the addition of Bluetooth.

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The new bulb ($19.99) and Bloom ($69.99) are going live in July, direct from Hue; the Lightstrip Plus ($79.99) is a Target exclusive for June and will hit additional retailer later in the summer.

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