Ikea smart blinds now available to order online in the US

Fyrtur blinds can be bought through e-retail store

Ikea smart blinds now available
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Good news for anyone stuck indoors... you can now buy Ikea's smart blinds online.

The Ikea Fyrtur blinds have just shown up on the furniture giant's online store for the first time in the US - previously you had to go to a store to get them. Remember that? Going to an actual store to buy something?

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The Fyrtur blackout smart blinds cost between between $129 and $179 and come in eight different sizes; ranging from 23 to 48 inches in width. They all have a maximum drop of around 77 inches.

Like the rest of Ikea's smart home range, you have the choice to control them using a paired remote control or making them genuinely smart by syncing them with the Trådfri Gateway. If you do the latter, you open up the likes of Google Assistant, Alexa and HomeKit voice controls, routines and the like.

The smart blinds themselves operate using Zigbee so, in theory, you could also add them directly to a smart home hub - although you might find the process a touch fiddly; on SmartThings, for example, you'll have to make use of a custom handler, you won't be able to simply add it as a device as you would a Zigbee smart bulb or plug.

Ikea is making a big push in the smart home market, launching its Trådfri smart lights a couple of years ago and following that up with a smart plug, motion sensor and also, thanks to a partnership with Sonos, the Symfonisk speakers.

The Swedish company revealed that it sold 5 million smart bulbs and accessories in the last financial year, so it's clear the furniture behemoth is going to keep adding to the line-up.

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