Sonos and Ikea team up for Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speaker

The latest big brand collaboration wants a spot on your wall

Sonos Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi
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Ikea has announced its latest Sonos connected speaker: the intriguing Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speaker.

Finally official after months on the web rumor mill, the latest collaboration between the two brands sees the third different form factor from the Ikea Sonos Symfonisk brand... and it's by far the most left-field one yet.

If you though that the Symfonisk Lamp speaker was 'out there' in terms of design, the Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speaker will probably blow your tiny mind.

That's because it's, as the name suggests, a connected speaker that lives in the form factor of a picture frame.

Sonos and Ikea team up for Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speaker

"The space-saving picture frame speaker can hang on its own as an eye-catching piece of art, be coordinated with other wall art, placed on a shelf, or even on the floor leant against a wall," explained Stjepan Begic, Product Developer at IKEA of Sweden.

“As part of the growing Ikea Home smart range this new speaker contributes to our ambition to enable the many to enjoy a smarter everyday life."

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The latest Symfonisk speaker is available with an array of interchangeable fronts, with the idea being you'll find one that suits the design of your home.

Two different versions will be available at launch; the dark and light ones you can see in the accompanying images to this story, and there will be additional interchangeable design fronts made available after launch at $20 a pop:

It comes with a magnetic hook for easier mounting, as well as a pair of rubber feat. You can have it in either portrait or landscape mode.

Although you will have to hide the wire that powers it somewhere, there's the option to daisy chain two Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speakers together using a dedicated 'power port'.

Those two speakers can also be setup as a stereo pair within the Sonos S2 app and be used as rear speakers in a Sonos surround sound system.

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Obviously, these new speakers will be able to form part of a Sonos multi-room audio system, and AirPlay 2 is on offer too, for pairing with other Apple-friendly speakers.

The Symfonisk Picture Frame WiFi speaker will be available from $199 from 15 July.

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