The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea, and more

The new Symfonisk remote controls heads-up our smart home news roundup

Sonos smart button hits Ikea
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It's been a busy week in the world of the smart home.

Apple confirmed that the HomePod will soon be able to stream live radio, with an update offering 100,000 different radio stations from the likes of iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Amazon has raised hopes for new Alexa gear, announcing it's holding a big event on 25 September at its Seattle HQ, where we're promised "new things from the Amazon Devices and Services team".

And, after a sketch in an FCC filing was spotted, there are reports that Google is planning to introduce a refresh of its Home Mini speaker, which will take on the new name of Nest Mini.

For more on those stories, and a whole lot more - head over to our dedicated news hub.

Read on for everything else you might have missed in the last seven days...

The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea and more

Sonos Symfonisk remote control hits Ikea

Ikea told us it was going to launch a remote control for its Sonos Symfonisk speakers and here it is.

Showing up on various Ikea online stores across the globe, with a launch date of 1 October and a €14.99 price-tag stated, the Symfonisk remote control offers controls such as tapping once to pause or play, double-tapping to fast-forward, triple-tapping to skip backwards, or twisting to adjust the volume.

It comes in white or black and can be mounted using a magnetic adapter. You'll need a Trådfri Gatway for it to work.

The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea and more

Control4's big update adds Google Assistant and new hardware

Control4 has added Google Assistant to the mix, as part of an OS update, while at the same time the high-end automation expert is taking the covers off of the CA-10 controller

Comprehensive verdict: Control4 smart home review

The CA-10 boasts four times the processing power and memory of the EA-5 controller and is really designed for vast smart home systems, with hundreds - or even thousands - of connected devices. It's not cheap though at $4,000.

The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea and more

Sense offers energy savings

Smart home energy monitoring company Sense has updated its app to automatically notify users about significant changes in their home energy use.

Vice President of Product Chris Mical explained: "With this improvement, the Sense app is reaching out to users proactively with insights and encouragement, guiding them on their energy reduction journey. Many of our customers have saved hundreds of dollars off their utility bills with Sense, and we believe that these new insights will help every customer get more from Sense and improve their home’s energy fitness."

The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea and more

U-Tec smart locks now on wider sale

U-Tec has announced that its latest smart lock, the U-Bolt Pro, a six-in-one smart deadbolt, will be available on Amazon from 15 September. The lock costs $219.99, and has a range of access options.

Those six possible ways to get in are comprised of: a fingerprint scanner; a secure smartphone app; a passcode; a mechanical keyhole; automatic unlocking; and a "magic shake" system that takes advantage of your smartphone's motion detection.

Those methods also have some nice twists to make the lock even more secure. For example, when typing your passcode in, you can feel free to add random digits before or after typing your code. The lock will recognize the correct code in the middle and discount the extras, meaning that anyone observing you will be hard-pressed to work out which sequence is correct.

The Week in Smart Home: Sonos smart button hits Ikea and more

Insignia Connect is no more

Best Buy has revealed that it is killing the Insignia Connect platform on 6 November. Your Insignia branded appliances should still work but any features that rely on the Insignia Connect app will no longer work.

The good news is Best Buy has detailed a reimbursement program for people who think they've been short changed. The bad news is the refund, if you get one, will be a e-gift card, not the cold hard cash you parted with in the first place.

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