Ikea's Trådfri smart filament bulb is less than half the price of Hue

The newest member of Ikea's smart lighting line-up certainly looks the part

Ikea's Trådfri smart filament bulb lights up
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Smart filament light bulbs are having quite a moment, and the latest brand to get on board is Ikea, who has just gone live with the methodically named Trådfri LED bulb E26 250 lumen (E27 in the UK).

This being Ikea though; the filament smart light bulb is less than half the price of its Philips Hue rival, coming in at just $9.99.

The Edison-styled light needs the Trådfri Gateway to work, of course - and people who have used Ikea's smart home platform will have experienced what an absolute faff that is. But you can't ignore that price-tag and, of course, it's easy(ish) enough to get Ikea's smart light bulbs working within your Hue app.

The new bulb boasts a warm 2200 Kelvin glow and the LED has a life-cycle of approximately 25,000 hours.

Ikea's Trådfri system is, as mentioned, still a bit of a muddle in terms of usability but it is getting better all of the time. And with Google Assistant, Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit all supported, you only really need to use the clunky Ikea Home Smart app once to get the devices up and running.

Ikea announced recently that its customers bought 5 million smart bulbs and accessories in the last financial year, so it's clear the furniture behemoth is going to keep adding to the line-up.

Mind you, it's not only Ikea knocking out cheap-as-chips smart filament bulbs; TP-Link has a $17 model in its Kasa smart home range and Dutch smart lighting specialist Innr has a $15 one that, like Trådfri, is also compatible with the Hue ecosystem.

The Trådfri LED bulb E26 250 lumen is available now, direct from Ikea.

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