Roomba owners can now set Keep Out Zones for their robot vacuums

The iRobot app finally catches up to rivals

Roomba update brings no-go zones
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An update to the iRobot app now means users can set no-go zones for their Roomba robot vacuum cleaners to avoid.

The Keep Out Zones feature, which helps the Roomba I Series and Braava Jet M6 models avoid the trouble of complex areas of your home, replicates the same as what we've seen from Roborock and Neato.

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So, if your robot vac consistently has issues under your TV bench, can't quite handle a living room rug or keeps disturbing your pet's food bowl, the new feature should put an end to your issues.

Like its rivals, the Keep Out Zones can be set within the iRobot app by pinching and zooming a box over a specific area of your home map, and, for as long as they appear red on the map, you can rest easy knowing the robot cleaner won't enter them.

If that wasn't exciting enough for you, well, find a seat, because there's more. Not only are no-go zones now present after the app update, but the same devices will now also be handling charging a bit more smartly.

Rather than waiting until the battery is re-charged before resuming a clean that had to be paused, the vacs will now restart once they reach a sufficient enough charge to finish the job.

That, admittedly, is a smaller tweak, but it does mean you should avoid the odd clean that's left half-done when you get in from work.

Think that's it? Think again, and sit down again, because the Roomba 900 series is also getting an update. The device now support Imprint Link, which means they can pair with the Braava Jet M6 and hand off cleaning when vacuuming is complete.

Again, this is a nice, smaller update that means you can integrate mopping into your clean-up.

Is there more? No - that's all the iRobot updates for today. Now, excuse us, we need to take a quick lie down.

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