You can now replace your Google Assistant's voice with John Legend's

Those silky-smooth tones can read the weather reporter and more

John Legend arrives on Google Assistant

Google Assistant just got a little smoother, with the voice of John Legend arriving on Google's Home and other Assistant devices.

That means you can now have Google Assistant read out the weather and answer questions in Legend's voice. It won't work for everything, but you can ask John questions about his life, taste in music, and a few other Easter eggs.

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Some of these will make use of Google's speech synthesistechnology WaveNet for custom responses. WaveNet is what Google uses to make the Assistant sound more human and less robotic, which it does by analyzing nuances - accents, pauses etc - and applies it to text being turned into speech.

While John can respond on some things, you'll get the standard Google Assistant responses for most things. Still, variety, spice and all that.

John's only sticking around for a "limited time", so to activate it just say, "Hey Google, talk like a Legend". Alternatively, you can do it through the Google Assistant app.

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