Kasa Smart gives off fall vibes with its new filament bulbs and light strip

New lights won't need a hub either

Kasa announces filament bulbs
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Stuff your pumpkin spiced beverages – fall hasn't truly arrived until your home is amply decorated with accent lighting, and TP-Link has just announced a bunch of new smart lights in its Kasa Smart range to do just that.

The company has two new LED filament bulbs, a soft white and an amber, as well as a light strip for your delectation. Of those two incandescent bulbs, the amber (AKA the KL60) is dimmable, while the white is described as giving off a "relaxing soft glow."

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Third is the KL430 Kasa Smart Multicolor Light Strip, which gives you millions of colors to choose from and divides itself into 16 "zones" that can each be lit with different hues. Kasa promises you'll be able to create your own "dream effect" with a customization feature landing in an update next year.

There are also 10 preset animated lighting effects to play with, with the option of adding more strip extensions on and expanding the length up to 33 feet, or cutting it down to fit smaller spaces. Kasa says it will be selling a one-meter-long extension light strip as a separate accessory.


None of Kasa's bulbs require a hub: simply connect them to your Wi-Fi and you're good to go, complete with scheduling, remote control for when you're out of the house, and an energy monitoring feature. They all work with Alexa and Google Assistant too.

Smart filament bulbs are the latest thing in smart lighting, with Philips Hue and Bulbrite recently launching their own takes.

The Kasa vintage bulbs are now available for $16.99 each, while the light strip costs $69.99 and is also on sale. The strip extension will go on sale in December for $24.99.

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