Kintell is an all-in-one smart home health system for elderly people

This UK startup will launch on Kickstarter next week

Kintell is a smart health all-in-one
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The move towards smart home health begins with the people who need it most and that includes elderly people. After trials and demos, we're starting to see some real product launches, one of which is Kintell.

Coming to Kickstarter from 13 November and set to ship in Q2 of 2018, Kintell is a Cambridge, UK based startup, founded by ex-Tech Will Save Us head of product Aaron Johnston together with Zoe Morgan and Paul Hewitt. It's building a smart health assistant and system to help people stay independent and living in their own homes for longer.

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The Kintell system will be available to crowdfund in a £199 bundle of three devices, and the main hub can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.

Kintell offers features including: a voice assistant that requires a button press, an in-home intercom, medication and prescription reminders, a downward facing nightlight to illuminate trip hazards, a smart alarm and a customisable 'healthy habits' program that seems to include drinking water. There are also motion and temperature sensors that carers and families can use to check in. The big, bold design itself also looks very seniors-friendly.

Kintell is working with care groups and communities in the UK on an "own and loan" program to help people who might need this kind of connected care system the most, for instance when recovering after a fall. We'll update this story when the Kickstarter campaign goes live.

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