​Lifting the lid on the Kohler Konnect smart toilet and Alexa-controlled mirror

Alexa: flush my toilet

Alexa hits your bathroom
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If you’ve sat on the toilet and been frustrated that Alexa wasn’t within reach, bathroom giant Kohler has come to your rescue. The designer bathroom and kitchen hit CES with a raft of smart bathroom products, and Kohler Konnect, a smart platform that unifies them all.

Kohler Konnect is the company’s new platform, which is capable of supporting voice assistants and allows control of the smart range via the Kohler app. That means hands-free setting of temperatures, control of appliances and more.

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So what can you control? Well, Kohler unveiled a tonne of new products at CES – ranging from must have bathroom accessories to some eyebrow-raising smart toilet accessories.

The key announcement was the Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, which boasts Alexa built-in. You can control in-built 1000 lux LED lights and play music to the in-built stereo speakers. What’s more, you can use Alexa to control devices around your home, just like a normal Amazon Echo speaker, and other devices in the Kohler Konnect range.

Alexa control means you can run a full bath to the perfect temperature, using PerfectFill, Kohler’s smart bath tap that controls the temperature of the water and the amount – so there’s no need to worry about flooding your bathroom with lukewarm water.

Lifting the lid on the Kohler Konnect smart toilet and Alexa-controlled mirror

You could also use Alexa to turn on the Sensate Touchless kitchen sink faucet when you have dirty, food covered hands, when you just don’t want to have to clean the taps after you’ve washed your hands.

And it also means you can use set the lighting level of Kohler’s Touchless Response Flush toilet to guide you during night time visits, and set the PureWarmth toilet Seat for an extra comfortable bathroom experience. Yep, you read that right – this could be the moment that Alexa control went too far.

Some of Kohler’s innovations have, rightly, been the subject to some online mocking since CES – and it’s probably impossible to smarten up a toilet without copping some comments. But there’s too few companies making smart innovations in the bathroom, when there’s such obvious benefits to enjoy.

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