Legrand's Radiant Collection lets you control lighting through Alexa or Assistant

With help from Samsung, smart lighting just got smarter

Legrand unveils new Radiant Collection
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Smart lighting company Legrand has partnered with Samsung for its new Radiant Collection, offering users a way to control their outlets through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Legrand announced the new smarts will be available through its latest range, which consists of connected switches, dimmers and outlets and takes advantage of Samsung's Artik cloud services to allow for connection between existing smart home devices.

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That means control of the the company's lighting solutions can be achieved through voice for the first time, or, alternatively, through the Legrand companion app. If users take to the latter, this also allows for lamps and other lights throughout the house to be worked into schedules, groups and scenes.

Legrand's Radiant Collection lets you control lighting through Alexa or Assistant

Each of the devices in the Radiant Collection connects to fellow smart devices through the home's existing Wi-Fi network, with the dimmers also compatible with any dimmable light bulbs. If DIY installation over your existing switches doesn't sound appealing (and it doesn't, does it?), the new range also includes plug-in units, as shown in the image above.

The entire Radiant Collection is available now, though there's a tsunami of different options and price ranges to explore. If you're in the market for a dimmer, there's nine variations to choose from, including options for controlling lights universally all the way to specific dimmers that tackle specific bulb types or voltages. The same is true for the light switches and outlets, but all crucially come with that smart assistant support.

So, if you're looking for a smarter way to control the switches in your home, don't mind a bit of DIY and want plenty of options, Legrand's Radiant range appears to be worth a closer inspection.

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