The Lenovo Smart Clock will finally be able to show off your photo albums

Automatic software update brings support for new features

Lenovo Smart Clock gets supports for photos
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When the Lenovo Smart Clock launched back in June, it did so without an obvious feature - support for Google Photos. Now, the company is rectifying this in a software update.

The alarm clock and smart speaker, the first device of its kind to come powered by Google Assistant, initially only let users pick between a small selection of pre-installed faces. There was no room to add personal photos, like with the larger Google Smart Displays, or even ones provided by Google.

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However, that's all changing. Once the update has been performed, which should roll out automatically to devices over the coming days, the screen will be able to essentially act as a digital photo frame. For those with a Google Photos account, uploading an album will finally be available, and will cycle when the clock isn't in use.

That's not the only new feature coming through the update, either. Support for Continued Conversations, the feature that allows for a more natural exchange with Google Assistant, is now also present. However, this is, as you might expect, still optional.

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While it does allow you to stop shouting "Hey Google" every time you ask a question, it does also leave the microphone open for slightly longer after every request.

Since we marked the Lenovo Smart Clock down in our full review for its lack of Google Photos support, it's good to see the company recognizing an obvious flaw and adding the feature just a short time after release.

This is still a device that lacks on sound quality, and has a more limited feature set than bigger smart displays, but it's updates like this that make it an even more enticing proposition.

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