LG ThinQ Home gives us a glimpse of the (near) future

The smartest house you'll likely to see

LG ThinQ Home gives us glimpse of the future
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Ask any (western) tech journalist who the most complicated brand to cover is and they'll all say LG. The Korean giant makes great stuff... it just makes it very hard to find out exactly what that great stuff is.

However, the fact that IFA 2020 is essentially a virtual event - sure, it is actually happening but on a much, much smaller scale - has meant that it's easier than ever to find out everything that's new with LG.

The brand put on the best virtual exhibition with its Experience LG Like Never Before set, which is a realistic rendering of Hall 18 at the Berlin Messe... minus the annoying elbows and rolling luggage every European tech journalist seems to have in their armory.

It has also given us this absolute treat - a tour of the ThinQ Home hosted by Henry, who we're told is a musician.

The ThinQ Home is an actual real residence the South Korean city of Pangyo (known as Korea’s Silicon Valley).

LG says its "the ideal future residence designed to deliver a safer, more convenient lifestyle through the company’s latest appliances and IT technologies."

We say, it's frickin' awesome. No spoilers, watch the video yourself to see what the smart home could become.

In terms of actual new products you can buy in the coming months, it's still pretty hard to get to terms with what will be available outside of Korea but we have picked up on a few golden nuggets.

There's new smart refrigerators models with improved InstaView Door-in-Door tech and UVnano, which uses ultraviolet LED light technology to disinfect the water dispenser outlets once every hour.

There's also a new LG CineBeam HU810P 4K projector, which can do UHD (3,840 x 2,160) up to a screen size of 300 inches.

Finally, there's a bunch of new OLED TVs, including the world's first 8K TVs to support the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU.

Of course, we've no idea of pricing or release dates for this stuff. And there's probably a load of cool new devices we've missed.

But that's LG, it's never easy but it is always impressive.

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