LG's new smart air conditioners are more efficient way to cool down

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LG's new ACs are smarter than ever
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The world of smart air conditioners has needed a champion, and it looks like LG's new trio of smart conditioners may emerge as the hero it needs - nay, deserves.

All three are equipped with LG's SmartThinQ technology, which will allow you to command them from its companion app. This means you can turn the unit on or off and monitor the temperature and, if you have other LG appliances - like the Hom-Bot robot vacuum - you can control them all from within the same app.

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If you'd prefer to use your voice, there's also both Alexa and Google Assistant support for LG's air conditioners. They're not only smart though, they're efficient, and use LG's new Dual Inverter Compressor technology. Basically, it constantly adjusts speed to maintain temperature levels.

That means that there's less temperature fluctuation, which means the air conditioner has to work less, which means that these air conditioners are either 25 or 40% more efficient than LG's base model.

Those efficiency gains have won LG the Energy Star Emerging Technology Award, which is given to innovations that are aimed at reducing energy use. Since air conditioners tend to take a whole lot of energy, it's a significant advancement. LG also claims that they're quiet, achieving 44 decibels, which is about as loud as the low hum of a busy library.

There are three models. The $469.99 14,000 BTU and $569.99 18,000 BTU models will get you 25% more efficiency than base model while the $649.99 22,000 BTU model will nab you 40% more efficiency.

All three are available now in the US through various retailers and LG's own website. There's no word on whether they'll head on over to the UK or other territories just yet.

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