LG says two million people are using SmartThinQ smart appliances

Don't count out the other Korean giant

LG SmartThinQ reaches two million users
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With Samsung's Galaxy Home and SmartThings mesh updates coming at us, it's easy to forget that LG is still plugging away building its own smart home ecosystem.

In fact, it just announced that it's shipped over five million smart, Wi-Fi connected appliances and the number of downloads of its SmartThinQ companion app has reached two million - that's up from one million downloads at the end of 2017. And those numbers bode pretty well for households buying more than one LG smart home device/appliance.

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LG' ThinQ brand now includes the InstaView ThinQ smart fridge, EasyClean cooker and QuadWash dishwasher we saw at January's CES show.

We also have the ThinQ smart speaker, LG's 2018 TV range with Google Assistant on board, robot vacuums like the LG HomBot Turbo+ and new LG smart air conditioners announced at the end of July which are both Alexa and Google Assistant compatible.

LG said that sales of connected home appliances have been "increasing sharply" and that it will continue to have open partnerships and an open platform.

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