Lifx switches on its smart filament light bulb range

A host of new connected devices on show from Lifx at CES 2020

Lifx smart filament light range goes live
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You remember Lifx right? Sure you do. The Wi-Fi smart light specialists who made a really big splash a couple of years back, but has since been pretty quiet?

Anyways, it looks as if that quiet period is over (it got bought out, btw) and is using CES 2020 to unleash a plethora of new devices; most notably the new Lifx Filament range, which will offer smokey, amber and clear glass versions for $29.99.

Smart filament bulbs are all the rage at the moment so it’s not surprising Lifx is getting involved. We’re big fans of the Hue Filament bulbs, Innr also makes some cool ones and Ikea even has a budget option available for its Trädfri system.

Lifx’s effort is a white-only bulb, coming first in an ST64 form factor, with a G95 globe to follow.

Like all Lifx smart bulbs it doesn’t need a hub as it is Wi-Fi enabled and it supports all the big voice assistants, and offers remote on/off and dimming functionality.

Also new for Lifx is the Lifx Switch; a four-gang smart light switch that can be used to control both dumb and smart lights.

Lifx switches on its smart filament light bulb range

This $119 switch has Lifx’s Control Module inside, so it gives you the same controls over the bulbs it’s connected to as you’d get with a regular Lifx light.

Next up are the Z TV 360˚ Kit and the Z Gamer Kit; lightstrips that stick on the back of your TV to give your movies and games a little more oomph. They're $99 and $69 respectively.

The 360 includes corner clips so you can get a snug edge fit, rather than trying to bend a light strip round corners.

All of these new devices are due to land in the spring, and the good news is there’s also going to be a new app going live for Lifx users too. The current one is clunky as heck, so that’s a big relief.

Stay up to date with everything that’s going on with the smart home over in Vegas by bookmarking our always-updating CES 2020 smart home roundup.

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