Livin Shower wants to smarten up your bathroom (and control your music)

All singing, all dancing smart shower retro fits on your existing setup

Livin Shower will smarten up your bathroom

The Livin Shower has gone live on Kickstarter and, if it lives up to its billing, could be an affordable and easy to install rival to high-end connected bathroom suites from the likes of Kohler and Moen.

We first got wind of the Livin Shower at the end of last year, but the Kickstarter campaign brings a much more refined design for the two-part system that promises not only perfect temperature showers but huge water savings too. Oh yeah, and music controls as well. We did say all singing...

The smart shower, which is controlled by an app but can also be fired up using Google Assistant or Alexa, starts the flow of the water as soon as you set your desired temperature. Then, once the water has heated up to your sweet spot, it shuts off. You kick things off by just pushing a button on the base station - that way you get instantly the temperature you want without faffing around with a dial.

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We're told that a "unique temperature control algorithm finds the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature and minimizes water waste," saving up to 1,875 gallons per year for average household.

You can also save loads more water by pausing your shower and restarting it. Now, nobody does this - we know - but that's only because it's a bit of a hassle. If it's just a case of a quick button press though, it does make sense to pause while you're lathering up for example - and it's good for Old Mother Earth too who, let's face it, has been taking a bit of a kicking as of late.

The base can hold profiles for up to 10 people, so simply saying, "Alexa, start Paul's shower," will get your perfect shower ready to go - you'll get an alert once it's all-set. There are also recipes on board such as chilling the water towards the end of a shower to wake you up a bit.

At the end of your shower you can, if you're a stats man, have a look at your shower performance... time, water saved, average temperature - that sort of thing.

On the base station is a dial that can be used to control music playback on a paired device too, and there's a nice little display making everything - shower-wise and music-wise - crystal clear.

Its makers claim it can be installed in 15 minutes but they've obviously never seen our DIYing. (True story - it took The Ambient's co-founders a whole day to put up a TV bracket in the office... badly). It does look pretty easy though - there's a video on the Kickstarter page, go check it out. It'll retro fit over a standard single-handle type valve.

The Kickstarter early bird price is $299, which is $300 less than the regular price will be. Shipping is slated for October but the company has a $100k target to hit first. We'll keep an eye on it for you - so check back for updates.

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