Logitech Circle View dumps Alexa and Google for HomeKit love-in

Apple HomeKit Secure Video​ on board for Logitech's latest security camera

Logitech Circle View's  HomeKit love-in
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Logitech has taken the covers off of its latest smart security camera. The Logitech Circle View - which has actually leaked a few times over the last month before finally hitting officialdom - comes with HomeKit Secure Video; the first Logitech camera to do so.

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If you're confused - after all, the Logitech Circle 2 had HomeKit support - then allow us to explain. HomeKit Secure Video isn't merely allowing Apple's smart home ecosystem access to video feeds.

The thinking behind Secure Video, other than Apple wooing more companies and users into the HomeKit fold, is that home security footage is one of the most sensitive bits of information captured in the smart home. You only want that footage to be seen by the people you decide to share it with.

Secure Video is a way to store that footage on Apple's servers with the peace of mind that it won't be seen by prying eyes – not even Apple's. When footage is captured, it gets encrypted end-to-end and is then fired into the iCloud, where it will stay – securely. Once there, only you and anyone you invite to view will be able to see it.

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However, to emphasise: the encryption happens on the local device before being sent to the cloud, meaning Apple can't get into it even if it wanted to. The local device is your HomeKit hub, be it a HomePod, iPad or Apple TV. The other thing that happens to the footage, before the footage firing it into the big iCloud in the sky, is that it's analysed. This determines the difference between people, pets, or cars before encrypting and storing it.

The previous Logitech home security camera, the Circle 2, offered the choice of Alexa or Google Assistant integration but with the Circle View, it's an Apple only affair.

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Aside from that major difference (and the weird omission of handy 5GHz Wi-Fi) the spec sheet remains roughly the same though. So that's 1080p HD video with 180° field of view, enhanced night vision and that all-important weatherproofing.

It's on sale in May and it will cost you $159.99.

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