Logitech Harmony Express remote is dead... long live the free Elite replacement

It was too darned expensive, let's be honest

Logitech Harmony Express is dead
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The Logitech Harmony Express, a universal remote control with Alexa baked in, is no more. The Swiss company has revealed that it will be ending service and support for Harmony Express on 30 September.

Effectively, after that date the Alexa smart remote will be a useless slab of plastic as the Express' connection to the Harmony and Alexa cloud will be disconnected, completely disabling all of its functions and features.

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Ouch indeed, especially given any buyers would have coughed up $250 for a device now deemed useless.

However, it's not all doom and gloom as Logitech is promising refunds to anyone who can prove their purchase or, and this might be more appealing - a free Logitech Harmony Elite replacement.

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"In 2019, Logitech launched the Harmony Express remote," read a statement. "With Alexa Built-In, Harmony Express aimed to replace the complexity of the touch screens and programmable buttons found on other Harmony remotes with a simple voice interface.

"Unfortunately, our expectations were not met for this kind of Harmony remote, and as a result we've decided to focus our efforts on our core user experience: powerful universal remote control in a world with many devices connected to the TV. To that end, we will be discontinuing Harmony Express on September 30, 2020, after which Harmony Express units in the field will no longer operate."

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You can use the Harmony Express iOS or Android app to get your refund or your free Harmony Elite. You've got until the end of the year to get it sorted.

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