Luna Smart Lamp is an Alexa-enabled Jack of all trades

Wireless charging smart lamp speaker goes live (on Indiegogo)

Luna Smart Lamp is Alexa-enabled
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It's only a matter of time until Amazon launches an Echo Dot that has a wireless charging pad on the top. With that in mind, Italian company Woodie Milano (brilliant name, right?) has unveiled the Luna Smart Lamp - with a smart light thrown in to the mix as well.

So this Hue/Dot/Qi mishmash will not only charge your phone, it'll do so while providing you personal lighting... all with Alexa on board to take care of your digital commands to boot.

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On the Alexa front, there's a 7W speaker on board, which is Bluetooth compatible too, and its makers tell us that the frequency range is far superior to both the Dot and the Google Home Mini.

The lamp offers up to 16 million colors and there are 10 presets already available through the app. You can team up multiple Lunas in different moods to creative multi-room lighting effects and moods too.

When it comes to wireless charging the pad on top is a 15W Qi wireless charger and there's also a USB-C port on the side for faster juicing.

The bad news... it's Indiegogo. The Italian company behind the device has decided to use a crowdfunding campaign to get Luna out into the world, with shipping forecast for December. The early bird price is $129.

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