Lutron reveals its first outdoor lighting product: The Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug

IP65 rated, it works with HomeKit, Alexa, Google, and Ring

Lutron Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug
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It took a while, but Lutron Caséta – one of The Ambient’s top picks for best smart light switch – has finally taken a step outside, launching its new Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug at CES 2021.

Arguably the most connected smart lighting control system out there, Caséta is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart Things and HomeKit, but outdoor lighting control had been a hole the portfolio.

One which this sizeable smart plug will ably fill. A hefty device, it's designed to seriously stand up to the elements.

With an IP65 rating – meaning it can survive blasts from a hose or the heaviest rainfall, encased in a polycarbonate similar to the type used on armored cars, and filled with a potting material that completely encases the electronics, it should last for years.

lutron outdoor smart plug

There is only one outlet and you’ll need a Lutron Smart Bridge for the smart functionality – but it’s rated up to 15 amps so you can daisy chain any number of extension cords off it to light up your back yard with fairy lights galore. It can also handle motors for water features up to ½ horsepower, and will blow up those inflatables in a jiffy.

With Lutron’s app you can set your connected outdoor fixtures on schedule, to come on with sunrise and sunset, and enable geofencing to light up your lawn as you pull in.

Voice control is an option via Siri, Alexa or Google and you can also pair it with Lutron's Pico remote for inside control of your outdoor plug (you actually don’t need the bridge for this function either).

Lutron also announced an integration with Ring, where its cameras can be used as a trigger in the Lutron app. This means you can turn on your landscape lighting when your security camera senses motion, or trigger the porch lights to turn on when the doorbell is pressed.

Importantly for an outdoor plug, this smart plug has got range, thanks to Lutron's proprietary RF radio that circumnavigates your Wi-Fi.

Lutron says you’ll get 30 feet no matter your set up and with a clear line of sight up to 100 feet is possible. And with its Caséta repeater, you can extend the range an extra 60 feet.

The plug will be available in March at Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes for $79.95.

Lutron also announced an update to its Caséta Smart Motion Sensor that lets you set "active hours" for the sensor, so your dog doesn't wake you up when he triggers it during a midnight roam. The motion sensor can also be set to activate the outdoor smart plug, although it's only rated for indoor use.

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