This smart mirror puts a virtual gym in your living room

If the workouts don't get your heart beating, the price will

Mirror brings a gym to your living room
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It's all too easy to sign up for a gym membership these days - and all too difficult to actually get off the couch and go. So why not bring the gym to you? Even better, what if your new home gym was contained entirely on your wall mirror?

Yeah OK, that sounds like a lot, especially when you consider the $1,495 price tag, but bear with us. Smart mirrors are a new trend, but unlike the face-rating HiMirror, the imaginatively named Mirror puts a fitness instructor on your wall, so you can sweat it out without leaving home.

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When Mirror is switched off it works just like a normal, well, mirror, measuring 22 inches wide and 52 inches tall. But switch it on and the LCD display and speakers will come alive, showing a live feed of an instructor along with biometric data collected from any additional devices you have connected.

Mirror can stream live or pre-recorded fitness classes, and in both cases you'll see the instructor on the screen, but (because it's a mirror) you can still see your own reflection during your workout. Workouts include cardio, pilates, yoga, strength training, boxing and barre. The company said there will be more than 50 classes to choose from each week.

This smart mirror puts a virtual gym in your living room

Live classes will cost an additional $39 a month and will give you a live feed of the class instructor, from Mirror's New York studio, who will be able to give you feedback during your workout. But if you don't like the idea of having a real instructor beamed into your living room, you've still got plenty of pre-recorded workout to pick from. Mirror also says there will be one-on-one classes in the future.

You can also connect an Apple Watch or other Bluetooth fitness tracking device to have Mirror display your biometrics in real time. There's an iOS companion app to control Mirror, but no word yet on an Android version; the Mirror doesn't have a touchscreen.

If you're interested in Mirror and don't mind coughing up $1,500, you can order one from the company's website right now.

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