Moodo is a smart fragrance diffuser

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Moodo is a smart smell box
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It might look like a DJ gadget for tweens but Moodo is actually an aroma and fragrance diffuser that you can control with Alexa, Google Assistant or via an app on your iPhone.

It's $149 for the box which gets you four scented capsules with more expensive options for 12 or 24 capsules. With the voice and app controls plus IFTTT compatibility, you can turn the device on and off and also mix scents e.g. 90% of one, 10% of another as well as tweaking the intensity of each scent. Scent capsules include: lavender, wood, citrus fresh, sea breeze, vanilla, eucalyptus etc.

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If your own mixes are too pungent, you can choose from a bunch of presets, created by "leading perfumers" in Grasse, France. What's more, you can create family profiles for people's favourite home aromas too.

The Moodo is $29.95 for a family pack of four scents with themes like The Garden of Kanazawa, Ashram Spa, Mediterranean Dreams and Beach Party. You can also buy four capsules of one scent for $29.95.

We like the voice and app controls of scents to create ambience in the home, which is what the team set out to do, but we're not sold on the ugly design. Part of the ritual of fancy candles and aroma sticks is the fact they not only smell pleasing but look aesthetically pleasing and calming too - Moodo just looks like a gadget.

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