This smart living wall cleans up indoor air

Connected plants will save us

This smart green wall cleans indoor air

Indoor air quality is something quite a few smart home devices measure and some even try to improve as people wise up to the pollutants in homes and offices. Finnish startup Naava, though, gets to the root of the problem - so to speak.

Its smart green wall - a vertical wall of connected, living plants - acts as an indoor air purifier and humidifier. And it doesn't hurt that it looks awesome too.

Each Naava unit is designed to 'naturalise' or purify around 60 square metres of air, reducing harmful chemicals thanks to the plants' microbes and then releasing air back into the space via fans.

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As well as air quality sensors and on board AI controlling and tracking the whole process, there's a built-in water tank, a lamp to provide light and the green wall can either be mounted or used as a room divider.This smart living wall cleans up indoor air

The living wall has been the subject of one study in October 2017 which backs up Naava's claims. The study in the journal Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health found that the wall is efficient at removing volatile organic compound (VOC) pollutants from the air.

Also worth a look are devices like Netatmo's air quality monitoring Healthy Home Coach and the Blueair Sense+ which has two particle and activated carbon filters. Both quite gadgety in the face of a smart, vertical garden though no doubt much more practical for the home.

Naava has installed 1,000 green walls for clients including Hilton hotels, Samsung, FinnAir and GE Healthcare. The Naava smart green wall is subscription only, costing $249 a month for its Naas (Nature as a service) package which includes servicing every month to six weeks.


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