Nanoleaf switches on Thread border routers

Shapes and Elements Controllers become Thread routers with software update

Nanoleaf switches on Thread border routers
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Nanoleaf has revealed that the Thread border routers in its Shapes and Elements Controllers will be switched on.

What this means is that these Controllers will provide a gateway for your Thread smart home devices - of which the Nanoleaf Essentials bulb is - to the internet.

Previously, to get Thread action with your Nanoleaf Essentials bulb you'd have needed either the latest-gen Apple TV 4K or a HomePod Mini, which was the first hub to open up its Thread radio.

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Hot on the heels of the Nanoleaf Thread border router switch on, we're also told that Nanoleaf is partnering with Amazon-owned Eero to broaden the Thread ecosystem with their mesh-wifi routers launching as Thread border routers soon.

Google has also put a Thread radio in some of its smart home devices such as the Google Nest WiFi system and the 2nd-gen Nest Hub, and it has plans to offer Thread border routers through these soon.

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The reason that Thread is a big deal is that, unlike Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Thread provides more instant results when it comes to things like smart lighting.

Thread compatibility can actually be added to nearly any device with a simple software update. As long as these devices support the 802.15.4 protocol then they can be upgraded to support Thread. That's the route Eve has taken with its first wave of Thread-compatible devices.

Thread is also one of the major standards of the Matter initiative, which has just been delayed until next year, annoyingly.

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Back to Nanoleaf and you can turn on your Thread power on your Shapes or Elements Controller now. Just update the firmware through the latest version of the Nanoleaf app (version 6.1). To install the latest update, go to More > Firmware Updates. (Essentials will need to be updated to version 1.6).

iOS users can enjoy this update right now, Android users will have to wait a bit (it's currently in beta on Google's smartphone OS).

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