Neato's new Botvacs are cheaper, less likely to make an escape

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Neato's got two new Botvacs
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Neato's D-shaped robot vacuum is our favorite D-shaped robot vacuum (that's right, we have a list), but it's quite pricey. Now Neato has fixed that problem by tweaking its entire lineup.

First up, it's announced the Botvac D4 and D6 Connected. Both new robots come with Neato's LaserSmart technology and D-shaped bodies, which allow it to map and navigate around your home and get into those tricky corners more effectively. They've also both gained No-Go Lines, previously only available on the D7, which let you mark virtual lines that the Botvac can't cross. Naturally, they're both compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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The D4 has enough battery power to clean for 75 minutes, which Neato says is 33% more than its predecessor. It also has Quick Boost Charging, so it can calculate how much power it needs for its cleaning run and go top up if it needs to.

The D6 has all the features of the D4 but has a larger core brush and an "ultra-performance filter" that's intended to better deal with pet hair and allergens. Turbo mode will kick things up a notch and increase the D6's suction, which will also help with getting pet hair and dust out of carpets. There's also a side brush that can dust off the wall (well, at least near the floor).

Finally, the D6 also supports multiple floor plans with No-Go Lines. That means if you have a multi-floor home you can create custom floor plans with No-Go Lines for each floor. It basically lets you customize how the robot traverses your home a little better. And oh yes, the D6 also comes with a more premium brushed metal finish.

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The flagship D7 isn't standing pat though, Neato is upgrading it via a software update with Zone Cleaning. In the Neato app, you can create zones that you want your robot to target more often. For example, if you've got a family of messy eaters and there are always crumbs under the table, you can create a kitchen table zone and send out your D7 to go clean just that area. The update is available now.

Don't you worry, D3 and D5 owners - you're also getting an upgrade. In the fall, both the D3 and D5 will be receiving No-Go Lines and Quick Boost charging via a software upgrade.

The D4 and D6 are both available now on Neato's website, and will roll out to retailers in the US and UK starting in September. The D4 will cost you $499 while the D6 is $699.

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