Neato adds multi-floor mapping and boost charge to Botvac D7

Your whole home is now Botvac's oyster

Neato Botvac D7 adds multi-floor mapping

The Neato Botvac D7 is already one of our favorite little robot vacuums, but Neato has now issued a software update to make it even better.

Thanks to the new software update, your Botvac D7 will be able to learn the layout of multiple floors in your home and to intelligently boost its charge so that it can finish a vacuuming job.

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Multi-floor mapping is an essential feature for those of us who have multiple floors we need to vacuum. The new floor plans are available in the app, and the vacuum will map out your multiple floors. You can also add things like No Go lines so your Botvac knows which areas of a room to avoid.

As for the boost charge, one of the most annoying things about a robot vacuum is that sometimes it doesn't have enough charge to finish the job. The Botvac's new Quick Boost Charging will analyze how much juice it needs to finish the job, return to its charging station and then charge just enough to finish vacuuming.

Seeing as how some robot vacuums need a couple hours to fully recharge, or you have to keep an eye on it and determine when you can send it back out again, hoping that it gets to the spots it didn't last time, this is something of a robot vacuum godsend.

If you've got a Botvac D7, your mobile app will send you a notification telling you when the software update is available. Then you'll be able to update your Botvac and gain access to the new features.

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